Seth's Sites

The home of the half-baked comedy list.

The Framley Examiner
Wedding reviews p4.

Dept of Social Scrutiny
Your one-stop shop for government propaganda.

Cook'd and bomb'd
Peter Cook and Chris Morris archive.

The Watley Review
Journalism, Shmournalism.

The Spoof
Spoof news and political satire.

Junk Brothers News
Funny junk you didn't know.

The latest satire from around the web.
Huge comedy and humour directory.

News Mutiny
Satire for the wise. News for the dumb.

The Bentinel
Rock solid reporting - with a twist

All the gnus fit to sprint.

Dead Brain
The UK's least reliable news source.

Bleeding Obvious
Educational offcuts, strange learnin' and stupid stories told with a straight face.


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