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Monday 4th Mar 1991

requested by A. Carter of Shropshire

with the Reverend Daniel O'Shelves
the Reverend Daniel o'Shelves

"The pig who built his house out of quicksand was a twat."

Quiz Show Family to Sue ITV

25.02.03 09:47:42 GMT Reporter: Sue Urasov

A Lancashire family of twelve who appeared on the TV game show "Family Fortunes" are set to sue the producers of the programme on the grounds that they were intentionally made to appear unintelligent by host Les Dennis.

"If they win I'll give them the money myself"
The Arkwrights from Stockport, who appeared on the show last September, say that a combination of trick questions and clever editing were used to make it appear that they gave foolish or naive answers to questions and that their intelligence was grossly misrepresented as a result.

Because of this, they claim, their personal reputations have suffered and they should therefore be entitled to compensation.

"Since a were on telly an' that all uvva kids at school fink am fick an' that innit" explained Buffy Arkwright, 14.

"That's why a packed it in and got preggers an' that".

Their lawyer, Lee Glade, told us: "The treatment of the Arkwright family on the television show 'Family Fortunes' amounts to nothing less than defamation of character. These people agreed to take part in the programme in good faith but were subsequently ridiculed by the show's presenter in the name of entertainment."

"Mr Dennis, and his employers ITV, should be made to apologise unreservedly for this and compensate the family for the undue suffering they have caused".

When asked if he was confident about the outcome of the forthcoming case, Brian Arkwright, head of the Arkwright family, told us: "Er... A potato, Les?"


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