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Tuesday 19th Apr 1983

requested by O. Senior of Brentford

with the Reverend Daniel O'Shelves
the Reverend Daniel o'Shelves

"Is the Pope Catholic?"

Wales to be Terraformed?

04.12.01 08:34:36 GMT Reporter: Basil Crostini

A group of top international scientists, led by Professor Saul Eggs of Dronfield University's planetary engineering division, have begun to draw up plans for the possible terraforming of Wales.

Terraforming (the process of intentionally altering an inhospitable alien environment to make it capable of supporting life) has long been mooted by some experts as the only truly viable method for the human race to eventually permanently populate other planets.

It is argued by proponents of the Welsh project that the controversial plans could eventually pave the way for the future terraforming of planets such as Mars.

Wales : Habitable within 3000 years?
"One of the primary difficulties faced in planning to manipulate another world's environment to make it more earth-like is that we have never been able to figure out a way of testing the process prior to implementation" professor Eggs told us.

"These exciting new plans could provide a way of doing this."

The Professor went on to describe how his team of astrophysicists, biochemists and xenobiologists had begun to search for a potential test site several years ago.

"We needed to find a barren, lifeless environment with little or no atmosphere and no intelligent life" he told us.

"Wales was the obvious choice. Not only does it fulfil all of these criteria but it offers the additional advantage that if it all goes disastrously wrong it won't matter very much."

Assuming that it is given the go-ahead, the process is due to start in early 2006, when a fleet of specially adapted military aircraft will begin to seed the Welsh atmosphere with billions of oxygen producing bacteria.

If successful, it is hoped that Wrexham could be capable of supporting primitive organic life by mid August of the year 4750.


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