John Fanzine

New Seth

2005-01-27 10:09:06
He's had a makeover!

Google ads

2005-01-14 18:11:07
You may have noticed that we've stuck some adverts over there → and on the news page too.

The reason for this is our being lazy sell-out capitalist pig-dogs who like the idea of being paid money for doing no work. Hope this clarifies things.

Mac mini

2005-01-14 18:00:02
All you PC users should buy one of these immediately.
That is all.

"Send this page to..."

2005-01-11 14:23:11
This function is currently down. If you would like to refer friends or enemies to this site please use traditional methods such as shouting. Thankyou for your cooperation.

January Sale

2005-01-01 22:57:58
Download the latest ring scents from your friendly local SPASDA.
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Colliderscope 2
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Page the Oracle
Page the Oracle
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