John Fanzine


2012-10-17 13:35:04
Something new on John Fanzine? Really?

Afraid so: Colliderscope - science news in bits.

Page the Oracle

2008-08-12 13:42:46
Heck! Newness!

Of course not! It's some old.

Have a go on some old.

HumorFeed Awards

2006-01-19 04:45:25
Our story "Scientists Discover Most Boring Substance Ever" has made it to the last ten in the 2005 HumorFeed Satire Awards, which has made us very happy indeed.

Many thanks to those who voted and all at

A mahogany Poseidon with a Rubik's cube parachuting into a big bowl of geeks

2005-10-02 12:16:24
Doodled by Smiffy. Colourification by Simisker

Jimmy Tarbuck cavorting with a fox while a badger and a lobster play the accordian near a forest.

2005-09-23 00:14:08
Doodled by Smiffy. Colourification by Simisker
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Colliderscope 2
Colliderscope 2
More science news in bits
Page the Oracle
Page the Oracle
(2.8 second laughter sample)

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